Trinity – Crossed – Hell


[ A Paper’s Testimony ]



A paper, A4 for example, gives us a testimony to the Roman Christian god represented in the doctrine of the godhead (i.e., Trinity) where three ‘persons’ are united in one single ‘being’ as demonstrated in pictures 6 and 8 above; the paper referring to the ‘being’, and the three separate parts referring to the three ‘persons’ of the godhead. Also note that this model is of the Trinity and not, “Modalism/Sabellianism“, for that it does not include three separate papers (i.e., beings), but rather only one single paper is used which has three separate parts (i.e., persons). Beware also that the converse theory which Roman Christians call, “Partialism“, is not the case here either because these are not three constituents that form one single paper (i.e., being), but rather three distinct parts (i.e., persons) with each one already being a paper in its essence (i.e., god) without the need of combining them all together to construct that result.


  1. The three persons are: Father – Son – Holy Spirit.
  2. This paper folding scheme is not an analogy, it is a testimony. An analogy would be, Cerberus, for example.
  3. The paper also shows the word ‘life’  instead of ‘hell’ if disassembled accordingly, which together deliver the message about the abode in hell without death. For that in HELL, there is NO death. Everlasting LIFE of torment for polytheists. (LIFE of torment = HELL)
  4. The doctrine of the Trinity states that The Father is god, The Son is god and The Holy Spirit is god; so either the Roman Christian who believes in this is treating the idol (i.e., godhead) in parts or in interfaces (aka, manifestations) since there is no third choice here whatsoever. But what eventually happens is that the Roman Christian gets struck by the flawed concept and he/she runs away from reasoning in it by declaring it as a ‘Mystery’.


Please do feel encouraged to discern this basic theological construct that were defined by humans (i.e., the Roman Christians) and were falsely attributed to The Lord. You should also note that there is no scriptural (i.e., The Gospels are no Scripture, they are tampered-with Scripture) merit or truth in the notion of [Trinity] and that is exactly why it is so confusing to its own adherents in the first place. The only “solution” they devised to the dilemma they were encountering in their creedal declaration was to call the Trinity -and give it the notion of- a [Mystery]. But because it is unreasonable to any decent mind to assent unto something while confessing its obscure origin and connotation at the same time, you do find some of the evangelists rebuking that notion of [Mystery] -like the Roman Christian James R. White; however, on the cost of not being honest about their faith in public!


Roman Christians give God THREE masks with which they “allow” Him to exist and be referred to among them. This is yet another Testimony witnessing against them from their own original and contemporary gentile languages (e.g., English). However, no matter how many times they change and modify their tongues, they cannot escape reusing their old theologies which allow for them to “identify” God and refer to Him by the noun, concept and construct of a, “Person”, and that of a, “Being”.


Under the cover/mantel of Christianity is the ancient cults of Egypt. Every time there is a break in mantle, it comes out!

 ~ Robert Bauval



An ancient Egyptian text which were translated by James P. Allen is the following:


And here is the testimony/sign of the Spinning Fidget 


Lesson: Question the motives of evangelists and don’t allow them to sacrifice your sanity for their own man-made concepts. Only trust Reasoning to identify your One Lord. He is neither a ‘being’, nor a ‘person’. He is The Supreme Deity, The Only God (period)


  • The established link to the godhead is my own discovery.
  • The distinction between the Trinity & Sabellianism on one hand and the Trinity & Partialism on the other -in this model- is also from my own observation.
  • The phrase [A Paper’s Testimony] was coined by me.
  • The paper folding scheme is taken from a random source (i.e., video) on the web where it is linked to three separate gods rather than the godhead, and as a consequence, the three points above were not established and taken notice of by anyone up until I provided a commentary and elaborated further upon it.

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