A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram

This great book is for all kinds of readers. “But whom was the book supposed to be for? Given all the effort I had put in, I figured that I should make it as widely accessible as possible”, Stephen Wolfram.

I wish scientists start following Wolfram’s example in publishing their simulations when addressing equations and their solutions theoretically and/or numerically in their books. One cannot overlook the fact that they keep producing a pile of redundant and repetitive materials while dismissing any further possible way of presentation that may facilitate visualizing the complex scientific concepts addressed by them. This might actually be the reason for the misunderstanding some of them have shown against Wolfram’s work, those are simply the ones among scientists who are not accustomed for producing practical applications in their corresponding fields of science.

Some folks tend to view Wolfram’s stance and comments as arrogance on his side; he responds by saying: “The issue is quite familiar to those of us who have written lots of documentation for computer systems: if you have big ideas to communicate, you have to prime people for them—or they inevitably get confused. Because if people think something is a small idea, they’ll try to understand it by straightforwardly extending what they already know. And when that doesn’t work, they’ll just be confused. On the other hand, if you communicate up front that something is big and important, then people will make the effort to understand it on its own terms—and will much more readily be able to place and absorb it. And so—well aware of the potential for being accused of grandiosity—I made the decision that it was better for the science if I was explicit about what I thought was important, and how important I thought it was.”

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