Robert Bork


Boredom is a much underrated emotion. People have a very hard time putting up with it.

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The abortion rate is higher among the Catholics than it is among the Protestansts or the Jews.

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I think most people who are appointed as Judges have no firm idea of what they think about the Judicial role as opposed to the legislators’ role, and they easily get moved!

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The fact is, we have become convinced in this country that our freedom is dependent upon the courts and that is absolutely not true! … Thomas Jefferson was furious about the courts and the powers they’ve assumed; Abraham Lincoln was furious about the court and the powers it assumed particularly [the invention] of constitutional right to own slaves, a rule against the federal government. And that has been going on that way. Judge Learned Hand who was by common consent I think the best of all the courts of appeals’ judges we’ve ever had, was horrified by what happened at the courts and he said that there were only two things about the courts that’ll be consistent with democratic theory: One will be for the courts to restrain themselves, by which I think he meant to apply the constitution as it was understood originally; and the other would be a democratic check on the courts. Well, the courts have not restrained themselves and they will not restrain themselves because once you get people with uncheckable power, they will abuse it! .. enough of them will! And the founders did not foresee what the court will become and they did not provide for the checks and the balances as far as the court was concerned that they provided for the executive and the legislative branches. [Well] if we can’t have restrained Judges then I think we ought to consider a democratic check upon the court and it is not true that this imperils our freedoms. In fact it is much true the other way that the court imperils our freedoms. And the freedom it imperils, is the freedom to rule ourselves democratically unless the constitution actually says otherwise! … Whether the congress is responsible or not, at least they’d be exercising democratic authority where it belongs; the courts after all are now an oligarchy and they tell us what we may or may not do without any reference to what the people want or what the elected representatives want! It may be that congress would make a hash of constitutional law, that courts have already made a hash of constitutional law, and at least what congress would do would be democratic hash as opposed to oligarchical hash.

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The balanced-budget amendment is a hoax, there is no way .. nobody could explain how it could work; in the first place nobody knows what the Budget is!

George Washington began violating the tenth amendment as soon as he was in the office; Thomas Jefferson admitted then stated that he turned the constitution into a scrap of paper; so the tenth amendment is dead!

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