Emily Brontë Denied The Trinity

So said I, and still say the same;
Still, to my death, will say –
Three gods, within this little frame,
Are warring night and day;
Heaven could not hold them all. and yet
They all are held in me;
And must be mine till I forget
My present entity!
Oh, for the time, when in my breast
Their struggles will be o’er!
Oh, for the day, when I shall rest,
And never suffer more!

But God is not like human kind
Man cannot read the Almighty mind

O do not think that God can leave
Forget, forsake, refuse to hear!

And with my wet eyes raised on high
I prayed to God that I might die
Suddenly in that silence drear
A sound of music reached my ear
And then a note I hear it yet
So full of soul so deeply sweet
I thought that Gabriel’s self had come
To take me to my father’s home
Three times it rose that seraph-strain
Then died nor lived ever again
But still the words and still the tone
Swell round my heart when all alone

As God forsook our armies, so
May He forsake our foes!

I heard it then you heard it too
And seraph sweet it sang to you
But like the shriek of misery
That wild wild music wailed to me

Emily Brontë

Emily knew that the Trinity was foolish, unrealistic and can only exist in man’s own imagination; but she was also able to recognize: The Parakletos.

God has blessed Emily! 

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