Remembering Abraham

I am Abraham, I am the one,
I am Noah’s heir, I am that son,

Sophia I possess, she is no girl,
A Person to make, should I out of her?
Let alone to contemplate, Oh would I even dare!

Then I walked the nature with that pure reasoning love,
And with all sight piercing clarity of that what’s above,

The Maker of all spoke to the weak being below,
The inheritance of Earth itself He has graciously bestow!

His jealousy extends over all the created universe,
Neither associates there are with Him nor any obverse,

Ought I to question the type of such a romance?
Lo and behold before you all there is my prance,
To Him alone I testify and witness, look at my dance!

Praised is He up above, how exalted is My Lord,
An order He decrees, and I bow down in accord,

One and only One is He The Most Merciful of all,
For all eternity I promised to shout out His call,

If I don’t surrender, I am to perish,
I have no right at all but Him to cherish,

He rendered me free, to no one else to knee,
My beloved brothers, come O come and walk with me!

Ibrahim Ibrahim

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