On Belief, Hypocrisy & The Origin Of Authority

In man, the governance of belief is achieved through the separation of powers where the powers are not in conflict with one another, and if they are, then that’s hypocrisy; which can be defined as a malfunction of the separation of powers. Man’s belief is therefore divided into branches, a legislature which is enacted by the mind, an executive which is enacted by the heart, and a judiciary which is enacted by the tongue; and that’s the origin whence the state took the mechanics of exercising authority. That’s why in Paradise, Adam was no Judge; and he was held responsible for his transgression which he enacted through his heart and mind. He was given the judiciary power over creatures -including his own- after he was cast down onto Earth, and since then, God’s authority was represented among men through that judiciary power: The Word of God. The type of authority that overrules all other man-made laws because it is from The Divine. If man refuses to pass that authority on earth, then Judgement Day is that which is awaiting him, not Execution or Legislation Day.


The Lord has legislated; the creatures have executed willingly or unwillingly; to Judgement they’ll all be called.

Ibrahim Ibrahim

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