The Children Of Thoth

The ‘Trinity’ resembles nothing but the perpetuation of the Aryan heritage of the ‘Trimurti’ and ‘Trismegistus’, where conformal mapping is applied to guarantee the preservation of local angles between lines even though the final shape and its curvature are molded anew.
After all, sculpturing gods is precisely that what Polytheists do.
Numbers are modeled using mathematical relations so begin to construe.
It is manifested nowadays in the Pauline Christian and Jew.

The Judeo-Christian tradition is based on Cultural Appropriation. The western original culture is, Aryan.

The beauty of the Aryan culture is the technology it delivers to mankind, but as Einstein says: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”. Therefore, if the heritage of the Semites and the heritage of the Aryans do not reconcile with one another adequately, we as humans will always lose parts of our Aryan and Semitic identities. God has blessed both traditions each in its own right, but has forbidden both to prosper alone without the other; He has also temporally interdicted that tradition which transgresses the limits of the grace He has endowed it with.

Ibrahim Ibrahim


Thoth is an important figure to the Aryan tradition. It is found in the Library of Congress (John Adams Building). Figure of Thoth on door, Library of Congress annex.

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