My Discovery Of 100 Multiples Of PI

I sincerely thank Robert Bauval for all his contribution so far in the different fields of studies in Egyptology and especially for caring to share his work with the public; this is how I got to enter this specific field of research after all. I also wish to give special thanks to his brother Jean-Paul Bauval whose article influenced this discovery of mine! I wish indeed I could embark upon the opportunity of coauthoring an article with him in future.

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Further work and research based on my own studies documented in my book “32.5 System” on the Pyramid of Giza is being conducted and published into a separate a book wherein a whole section will be dedicated to the contribution of Gary Osborn and is awaited to be written by him personally. Gary’s slides on facebook were the main reason that influenced me to connect my work with the pyramidal complex; so, a special thanks to Gary on this as well!

Ibrahim Ibrahim