Graham Hancock, Excretion & satanism


Graham Hancock posted the image above on his facebook page and also on his own wall. Obviously Robert Anton Wilson inspires him – if not in the general sense, then at least in the quote above. However, Graham’s own sound judgement corresponds to a confused level of perceiving information (some confirmation on Graham’s state of mind were delivered by his own friend Robert Bauval [read here]); not only because of his Assassins Creed manifesto (and its link to Entheogens), but also for impulsively keep exposing and linking himself and his work with degrading material while being aware of it!

Robert Anton Wilson is the one who says

On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break.

And that obviously corresponds with that which Graham is structuring and staging deliberately for himself and his followers (with the pedagogical abuse of drugs) on the quest of reaching that same mediocre state of mind. Not only that, we even read from that same figure (i.e., Robert Anton Wilson) the following

Animals outline their territories with their excretions, humans outline their territories by ink excretions on paper.

Which is preposterous on every intellectual and moral level! And an author (e.g., Graham Hancock) who does not distance his own work from being attributed to excretion (e.g., like that of Robert Anton Wilson’s), is an author whose brain is obviously nothing but a spiritual anus.

It is known that Robert Anton Wilson is the kind of person who is inspired by satanism. He unequivocally states that

Aleister Crowley as always appeals to me.

And yet, Graham Hancock is so deceptive and exploiting towards his own readers and followers insomuch that he does not even address the issue of satanism -nor distances himself and his work from being attached to it- while encouraging and calling out for establishing contact with the other realm. He is not ashamed of driving others to seek communication with demons which eventually ends up in giving these entities (as in his own case – which he is unaware of) control over such weak subjects (i.e., Graham’s followers) who are unable in the first place to establish sanity in this realm. Graham is barely able to communicate with humans and the only mark he is leaving behind for others is that of misery, mistrust and contempt!