Graham Hancock & Fertility

Graham Hancock’s lack of solidarity -for legal, religious and ethical sentiments against drugs- affects infertile couples as well. His irresponsible stance extends to his own daughter-in-law and son (Facebook Link 1, Facebook Link 2) by the steadfast dismissal of any possible side effects of drugs on his audience’s general health.

We read:

Marijuana has been shown to be a gonadal toxin, while the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) remain controversial.

Effects of drugs on the male and female reproductive systems, by Fody EP and Walker EM, Article’s Link.

Graham does not produce the required exhaustible reporting any decent journalist ought to conduct before presenting his work (on this specific topic) to his readers. Nonetheless, Graham Hancock does not shy from indoctrinating the masses with his view on Marijuana (Youtube Link) and keeps promoting it along other illegal substances (e.g., LSD) recklessly!