Robert Schoch & Graham Hancock

The end of the last ice age and even the beginning of the Younger Dryas was not a comet! There is no evidence at this point in my opinion as a Geologist for a comet at or around the end of last the ice age and I don’t care what other people have been hearing because there are certain people who have heavily popularized this and I have read all the literature up to this point and I’ve analyzed it myself and there has been a huge argument back and forth in the literature and the bottom line is that the evidence does not hold up for a comet at that time! A comet is almost like ancient aliens, it is an easy explanation  when you needed but reality is something else.

Robert Schoch, Hour 01:06:00, Youtube Link.

There has been a lot of hubbub, a lot of nonsense recently about a comet toward the end of the last ice age which the evidence is just not there for that; reputed evidence has not stood up to scrutiny.

Robert Schoch, Hour 01:24:00, Youtube Link.

You can read here about Graham’s thesis.

And Robert Schoch mentions Graham Hancock by name at Hour 02:43:00.