JAW – The Intellectual Entrepreneur

JAW raised funds and financed the trip so I said OK I’ll go to Egypt .. I was thinking to myself if I should feel guilty robbing him in the sense he was financing three trips to Egypt to be able to say simply once I got there that: Oh there is a good geological explanation for these features and it doesn’t refute the 2500 BC dating of the Sphinx .. I was quite certain that my academic colleagues, one of whom was Mark Lehner, who was on the side of the 2500 BC Sphinx; I got to his PhD from Yale just like I had my PhD from Yale. I was quite certain that these guys/Egyptologists must know what they’re talking about that JAW had no clue about either Geology or Egyptology and I was confident that once I got there, I will be able to explain these apparently anomalous features on the Sphinx – that I would be able to explain them within the context of the last 4500 years.

Robert Schoch, Minute 45:00, Youtube Link.