Conflicting Reports From Robert Schoch

When we did the seismic, we were able to map under the Sphinx. We found a tunnel type feature and a chamber which Egyptologists already knew about it, which was a confirmation that our seismic data was accurate. And most importantly, we found a chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx; which some geophysical data previously [where] I suggested there might be something there but genuinely been dismissed. I feel very comfortable this moment that our seismic data absolutely picked up a chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx. I absolutely believe it’s there. Some people have tried to dismiss it.

Robert Schoch, Minute 26:00, Lazarus Effect Media, Youtube Link.

[About the] chambers, you know I am a Geophysicist. I have a PhD in Geology and Geophysics. So, actually I shouldn’t call myself a Geophysicist because I consider myself primarily a Geologist. But I have done Geophysics. I have some sense of Geophysics. I have some sense of the techniques they are using. And until we have more data, we don’t really know what’s being picked up by the pyramid scans. Are there some anomalies that could represent chambers? Yes, but do we really know exactly what they are at this point? I don’t know. I have to withhold judgement until I actually see it. I tend to be careful about such things, I learned from experience not to go judging until I really have some good solid evidence to use to make a judgment.

Robert Schoch, 01:12:00, Forum Borealis, Youtube Link.

Back in the early nineties with my early work on the Sphinx, we found seismically a chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx.

Robert Schoch, 01:50:00, Forum Borealis, Youtube Link.