Robert Schoch & Pseudoscience

You go underground (to protect yourself from solar outbursts) into the oldest portion of the Great Pyramid [which] is a subterranean chamber deep underground in bedrock. Down there it enhances consciousness. There are very good reasons for that because you are filtering out a lot of geomagnetic junk -if I can put it that way- and subjecting yourself only to very long wavelength -low frequency- waves, human resonances and what not, which has been demonstrated experimentally have healing effect on humans; serve emotionally uplifting effect – that type of thing. It has real effects on emotions and consciousness. [You can even buy pyramids that you can use for different practical purposes like that] but they are not being the real ones [,however] yes they have some of these effects. But I don’t know if that’s the primary reason that they were being built.

Robert Schoch, 01:20:00, Forum Borealis, Youtube Link.

Scientific evidence does not support the use of magnets for pain relief .. As far as static field magnets, there is definitely no evidence that they work.
Does Magnetic Therapy Work?, LiveScience Article.