The Abridged Narrative of David Rohl

I want you all to accept now and never ever -swear on your hearts- that you’ll never ever call these mesoamerican platform temples (as) pyramids anymore! Because they are not pyramids! They are platform temples. They are man-made mountains. And they are identical to what you see (in)the Ziggurat of Mesopotamia. They have no connection to Egypt. They have a house of the god on the top and they have a staircase going up. You will not find a pyramid that looks anything like that! So the closest model if you want to find diffusion of this architecture from the old world to the new, you look to Mesopotamia and Phoenicia; those were the seafaring nations. Not Egyptians! Egyptians were scared of the water. They couldn’t sail on the sea. They were useless on the sea.

David Rohl, Minute 49:00, Youtube Link.


One simple example that challenges Rohl’s narrative is in the image below ..


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