Ibrahim researches and studies the scientific theories and their applications, especially in Physics. He is engaged in the process of developing frameworks, onto which our theories are built, to enhance the already available layers of presentation while constructing new ones when needed and to further facilitate access unto wider range of interconnected resources of information and scientific facts; Ibrahim’s work contributes in raising public awareness of significantly factual and trustworthy theories and observations.

Ibrahim is an Engineer by Profession; a Physicist by Academic Achievement; and – in general – a Researcher on the Scientific Method. He is the very first person who’s given significance to the number 32.5 after observing it in nature and in one of the oldest Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, i.e., the Great Pyramid of Giza. He is also the first person who’s recognized that the size of King’s Chamber in the Pyramid of Cheops is as important as its location inside the pyramidal complex. He has also discovered that the Pyramid’s base area is that which tunes the proportions rather than its perimeter. Other discoveries he’s made include the following: The link between the ancient Egyptian Royal Cubit – in reference to the metric System – with the Speed of Light (he expressed it numerically and textually); the hidden factors behind having the difference between the Great Pyramid’s two base circles equal to the Speed of Light value and offered an explanation thereof; the iterative design of the Pyramid’s base diagonal which encodes the speed of light constant; the link between the Great Pyramid’s dimensions and the horizon and its height serving as a connection to the Spring Equinox.

In his spare time, he navigates into other scientific fields using MOOCs to broaden his spectrum of knowledge. He became in 2015 a Community Teaching Assistant for both of the MOOCs, ‘Genomic Data Science with Galaxy’, and, ‘Introduction to Genomic Technologies’, of Johns Hopkins University. https://twitter.com/Ibrahim_Squared

He has initiated a new public field of research which he calls: Abrahamology. It is the same discipline that he has been working on, however, he is the first person who announces the existence of such a platform for the large amount of information and body of knowledge that he was able to generate so far. Ibrahim’s motivation is driven by it and for eventually making this theoretical construct stand alongside other disciplines of research, however, using an Islamic (i.e., Strict & Uncompromising Abrahamic Orthodoxy) lens of interpretation. To establish it as a genuine field of study is therefore the path which will mark his future endeavors while presenting, advancing, scrutinizing and validating his assertions. There are no tools of Gematria, Philosophy, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Esotery, Gnosticism, Proselytization, or Synchronicity used, but rather the methods of inquiry which are found in Observation, Useful Knowledge, Debates, Discussions, Mathematics, Alternative (alongside Academia), Science and Reason are those which are utilized.




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