Click on the Amazon link above to go to the main webpage where all Ibrahim Ibrahim’s books are listed, or view each’s book page in the following links separately:


The Calendar of Ancient Egypt: The Temporal Mechanics of the Giza Plateau

Three Formats – B&W, Colored and Kindle 


Quotable: My Worldview

One Format – B&W


The Mark Of Light On The Great Pyramid Of Giza: Addenda To 32.5 System

Two Formats – B&W and Kindle 

Two Covers for the B&W Format – Islamic and Egyptian


Simulating Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Through Anisotropic Uniaxial Plate (for normal incidence with coordinate-free approach)

Two Formats – Colored and Kindle


32.5 System: The Complete Series Fused

Two Formats – B&W and Colored 



And the original Book Series (32.5 System):


32.5: The Divine Mathematics of the Calendar

(Volume I)

Three Formats – B&WColored and Kindle


32.5 Extended: Magic Equation

(Volume II)

Two Formats – Colored and Kindle


32.5 Revisited: The Universal Physical Constant

(Volume I & II)

One Format – Colored 


Before Civilization One: The Calendar Before The Megalithic Yard

(Volume III)

Two Formats – B&W and Kindle



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